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After experiencing the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils, a group of health-care and business professionals united with a single vision of sharing a new standard of essential oils with the world. With that common goal, they collaborated with experts around the globe and sought after quality testing methods to ensure that the oils they distributed were pure and effective, offering maximum benefits to all who used them.

Once they could guarantee a heightened quality of essential oils, they organized a company named “dōTERRA,” a name derived from Latin, meaning “Gift of the Earth.” dōTERRA essential oils are now being used in countries throughout the world as a safe, simple, and powerful means of enhancing health and personal well-being. 

Essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, owers, and other parts of plants. When the oils are extracted from the plants, they can be used as single oils or in oil blends to increase emotional and physical wellness. If properly extracted, essential oils have the unique ability to benefit people in all areas of life, whether in food preparation, beauty treatment, or health- care practices. You will be amazed with the diverse ways essential oils can help you fulfill your and your family’s needs. 

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In her never ending search for healthy living Cathy discovered doTERRA and has since embraced the company and the products. Cathy will help you to discover the     life-enhancing benefits of essential oils and healthy living.

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