Who is elements of Music?

We are vibrant studio where piano lessons are privately taught to students of varying ages. We encourage both graded as well as recreational study as a wonderful element in a healthy lifestyle. Music theory is taught in partnership with practical application to ensure a strong foundation on which to build and broaden the experience. Since its expansion to include more teachers over 2 years ago, elements of Music has regularly served 70+ students each year, adding more as Barrie continues to grow. 

Our teachers were each trained through the Royal Conservatory of Music education programs. We offer our students several opportunities throughout the year to learn and hone performance skills via extra classes, recitals, and fun competition. Much emphasis is placed on preparation and confident execution of performance pieces building self development and overcoming challenges with solo playing to an audience. Above all, making music is a fun and important skill to last a lifetime!

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“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ― Bono